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Sep. 11th, 2011


Acceptance ten years on

"It was a beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky"

Thats how all the documentaries start. And its true. But something terrible was about to happen and horror was about to come uninvited into everyones lives. The Twin Towers, that had stood like sentinals over a population, came tumbling down and thousands of souls departed as one as the world gasped and held its breath.
How could anything so horrific be happening on such a beautifull day?
Ive tried for many years to understand what had happened that day and I still cant grasp it. Why is that? I think now that, simply, its because I dont think like those terrorists, because I value the life of a stranger, because I have a consience!
Now I realise that the best to be hoped for is to accept it. Acceptance will then in turn bring us closure. If we can gain closure then it loses its power of fear over us.
This world needs to be free of the fear and horror of that day that is still seeping into our everyday lives be it via the media or some other source.
So, for me, im going to try and accept that this thing that came into our lives and changed the world. I will look to the bravery, the pride, the hope of the victims who had to carry on after and see that our world has changed once again and for the better. We as a people have new inner strength. A strength thats turns aside the fears that used to hide in our shadows for so many days after.
I accept that the time is right to move forward and that the Human spirit can never be broken!

Love and light to all
Wyrrd Woman

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Sep. 2nd, 2011


Dreaming with the lights on

Another night when I should be asleep.

Oh Insomnia, you cruel harlot!

Still, I did a fair amount of sleeping during the day. Rather I was dreaming awake again. I dont mind my dreams becoming a vehicle for psychic, astral and visionary experiences but a good kip would be quite nice too!

I always wonder, do the astral travel shannigans I get up to drain my energy even though my physical body is asleep? I do hope not as it could be a good explanation for why my M.E is getting worse at the moment. Its been a bit heavy on the 'special dreams' front this month. I absoloutely must get them written down but where to start? I fear I may be some time ;-)

Much love
Wyrrd Woman

Apr. 19th, 2011


Puma Spirit Mother

~ 'I am a toddler no more than 2 years old. I am alone, cold, crying and hungry in a high desert area. I know my parents are gone. Out of the bushes stalks a large puma, or mountain lion as they also get called. I am not afraid but curious of this strange animal. The puma stalks over to me and touches her nose to mine and sniffs around me. She then picks me up by the scruff, my clothing in her jaws. She walks with me and takes me to a cave by a rock outcrop and drops me down. She leaves and later returns with prey she has hunted but is confused and concerned that I wont eat it. So she begins to wash me all over like I am a kitten of hers. Two day times pass and puma and I bond. She is worried as I dont eat the food she brings me and knows she needs to find more of my kind. Puma picks me up to take me out of the cave. She walks with me in her jaws, sometimes encouraging me to walk along side her as I clutch her fur in my hand. Puma is my mother/friend and I trust her. Eventually we come upon a tipi settlement. Puma picks me up again and begins to walk to the edge of the settlement. Someone see's us, a young man who nearly trips out of his tipi in suprise. He panicks and begins to reach for his bow. An older man comes out of his tipi, set aside from the rest. He shouts across to the younger man to put down his weapons. Others have the weapons out ready too, tensed and ready to shoot when given the word. We are at the center of the tipi's now. Puma stops and begins to walk towards this other man who is diffrent. He is the shaman. By this time everyone has come out to see what is happening, mothers herding there children out of our way, scared for their safety. We are a few feet from shaman when puma sets me down. She looks at shaman as if asking for some kind of permission. Shaman nods to puma and puma nudges me forward. A lady behind shaman bends down to pick me up. I cry because I want to be with puma, she has mothered me and I feel safe with her. Shaman crouches down with puma and takes out a knife. This time shaman seems to ask permission of puma, who again seems to give it. Shaman takes a cutting of pumas fur and places it in a small deerskin pouch. The pouch is then placed around my neck and as I clutch hold of it I feel comforted. Im looking into pumas eyes and know she is always my mother. I watch as Puma begins to leave the camp and away to her world. I begin to cry. A little after she has gone a child comes running up holding something in his hands. It is a puma claw. Shaman places the claw into my bag and tells me to "keep this safe as it belongs to your mother". I am taken into the tipi with the shaman and the chief and his wife'. ~

I sat bolt up right in bed as I woke up grabbing for paper and pen to write everything down with. I was in a moment of awe. It had been such a beautifull dream vision and a beautifull story at the same time. 

Im not going to over analyze it and detract from its spiritual beauty. I will instead honour it by sharing it!
I do so in perfect love and perfect trust.

Love each day
Wyrrd Woman

Writer's Block: Ticket to ride

If you could take an all-expense-paid two-week vacation to anywhere in the world with one friend or partner, where would you go and who would you take?

I would go to Macchu Pichu and then on to Teotihiacaun to see the Maya temples with my dear friend Hema. That would be very cool indeed!

Apr. 18th, 2011


Shaman, Witch, Healer or Psychic?

Well, actually im all of the above! Yes, really. I know, crazy huh!

Ive never been what you might call 'normal'. I was always an eccentric kid and ive never really changed. I was the odd one out in a group of friends. Always on the outside looking in and never knowing why. I know why now, after all this time. I am an Aspergian girlie. Aspergers is a form of autism. Not being able to really connect with my friends dreams, experiences and interests meant it was always a struggle for me to keep a friendship flowing. At the same time I could see that they didnt quite know how to connect with me either. I was an oddball but they couldnt work out why. Lol!

I often wonder if those aspergian traits made it easier for my spiritual self to come to the fore. I wasnt aware of it as a young teenager but I was often relying on the psychic abilities to connect with my friends in ways I was unable to normaly due to aspergers. I found it very hard to understand friends body language as it often didnt match up with what they were saying. Thats when empathic abilities were worth their weight in gold. Ironicaly they would turn to me and say "yes thats exactly what I meant. How did you know that?" and i'd be thinking "damned if I know". So, thank the gods, godesses, gaia, whoever etc for psychic abilities. It wasnt until around 16 years old that I knew something different was going on. That was the age I started to have a lot of psychic experiences. Maybe it was something to do with puberty. Who knows what the catalyst was then but catalyst there was.

I was suprised at my friends reactions when I 'came out' psychicaly. Most of them just took it in their stride. A few distanced themselves. Why did I tell them? Because it was such an intrinsic part of me. Its not like I sat them all down and told them. I revealed it to them individualy when the occassion felt right. They always knew I was weird so it wasnt to much of a shock for them ;-)

My parents were quite amazing about it all (still are) and were hugely supportive. They were more than willing to help me explore these new abilities. I love them dearly for their acceptance. That year they bought me my first Tarot deck for christmas, which I still have and use.

Since my school days ive done 15 years in psychic development, became a Reiki level III, trained in spiritual healing and became a crystal skull guardian. So you could say ive explored my weirdness in every way!

One think ive learnt is that you will never become the master, you are always the student. I think thats quite important to remember as it keeps ego out of the equation. If there is one thing that will stand in your way of spiritual development then it will be your ego. Some people find it harder to do that than develop their psychic selves.

Well, thats a little introduction about me. I hope you will stick with my outpourings of oddness. Some of it will make sense I promise!

Love each day
Wyrrd Woman

The first post!

So, new here and this is my first post as Wyrrd_Woman. You may also find me on Twitter as WyrrdWoman.

I intend this to be a fairly frank blog about my life and the crazy experiences ive had. Sometimes I have to stop and check myself that they really did happen, but they did. Im no ex-spy, or a high class hooker etc. Just a normal gal who has been through some very strange life experiences.

I know, it must sound pretty dull but please do stick with me. I hope somebody out there will benefit from my experiences and recapitulations of them.

Love each day
Wyrrd Woman